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ALL THE MEATS: 6-8 Person Brisket + Beef & Pork Ribs + Pulled Pork + Turkey + Sausage + BBQ Sauces


The only way to have a true taste test of our timeless Texas Style smoked meats is to try them all!  

The ALL THE MEATS Package includes:

1 - USDA Prime Beef Baby Brisket Feeds 6-8 People 

1 - Pork Butt

1 - Rack of Beef Ribs

1 - Rack of Pork Ribs

1 - 6 Pack of Texas Hot Gut Sausages

1 - Turkey Breast

1 - Barbecue Sauce Set

Make your bbq dreams coming true and upgrade to the ultimate Lewis Barbecue experience by choosing the "Lonestar Package" which includes ALL THE MEATS and a Lewis Barbecue Slicing Knife.

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